BIAB Gel Manicure

BIAB gel manicure

With our unique BIAB Gel technique, your nails are about to look even better for even longer! BIAB is a new and improved type of gel that can create a durable manicure lasting up to 3 weeks when cared for properly, doesn’t chip, and, most importantly, protects and leaves your natural nails looking healthy and strong!

A BIAB Gel Manicure Includes

To begin, your nails will be carefully prepped by one of our experienced nail technicians. After your cuticles are neat, tidy and nails shaped, your chosen BIAB gel, which includes a selection of nude, natural and pink colours, will be applied and then set using an OPI-LED light, meaning your nails will be ready to go seconds after the application. Enjoy the look of your newly done manicure for up to 3 weeks with proper care and maintenance.

If you opt to use BIAB as a base coat under any other gel, the BIAB gel will be applied before the coat of gel polish and cured using an OPI-LED light.

A Builder Gel manicure takes (1 hour). Click here to see our price list.

BIAB Nails Guarantee

At Paint Nails, we aim to deliver a flawless nail treatment to each and every one of our clients. If you experience any problems with your BIAB manicure within seven days of your appointment, we offer a complimentary nail repair service. Simply get in touch, and our nail magicians will happily return your nails to their former glory!

What Is BIAB Gel?

BIAB gel manicure

So what is BIAB gel? BIAB stands for “Builder In A Bottle”, which is also commonly known as “Builder Gel”. A new alternative to gel polish created by a company called The Gel Bottle. A BIAB Manicure will leave your nails looking strong, glossy, healthy and fabulous. This is a durable option for those looking for a nail treatment that will last through a long holiday or a busy month with no maintenance appointments needed! BIAB is also highly resistant to lifting at the edges, which contributes to the longevity of the manicure.

Why should you try BIAB Gel? BIAB is designed to hide imperfections, and is known to be the most durable way to enjoy a glossy manicure. Builder gel also provides protection to your nails making it one of the best treatments for keeping your natural nails healthy.

BIAB can be used alone or as a base coat for other gels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a BIAB infill?

Between 2-3 weeks after your BIAB manicure is applied, your natural nails will become visible near the cuticle due to nail growth. Unlike a regular Gel manicure which needs to be soaked entirely off, BIAB can be infilled to avoid removing the gel from your nail bed, which prevents damage to your natural nails as they’re exposed to acetone remover less frequently.

 A BIAB infill starts with your nail technician neatly filing around the top of your “naked” nails to allow for another application of BIAB gel. Once your new nail growth has been covered, another layer of your choice, BIAB or regular gel polish, will be applied over the top, leaving your nails looking like they just had a fresh manicure.

 A BIAB infill takes up to 30 minutes longer than a new set of BIAB in order for your nail technician to perfectly prep your nails.

What is the difference between BIAB and gel polish?

BIAB is still a gel product but with a much thicker consistency. When it cures under an LED lamp, it creates a harder and more durable finish in comparison to regular gel polish.

BIAB comes in a limited range of colours (mostly pale and pastel shades of pinks), but you can use BIAB as a basecoat and apply any regular gel polish over the top, meaning you can still go all out with nail art and bright neon colours if you fancy.

Who is builder gel suitable for?

BIAB is particularly useful for people with weak, thin or damaged nails. However, builder gel is also a great option for people with healthy nails who would like extra protection and durability.

Builder Gel is also an excellent solution for nail biters which is why the gel is a very popular option for men. The gel can be “built-up” in order to create a tiny to medium extension where length may have been lost due to nail biting. In addition, BIAB is highly resistant to damage caused by nail-biting, which gives your natural nails protection and allows them to recover and grow longer.

How does BIAB strengthen your nails?

The thickness of BIAB gel helps to provide reinforced strength, durability and protection from external factors such as knocks and bumps. BIAB can also help to repair broken nails, and create nail extensions which can be easily shaped.

How does BIAB help with nail growth?

BIAB gel also commonly known as Builder Gel helps to promote the growth of your natural nails: It provides “armour” for weak nails which are prone to bending, snapping and chipping. Allowing them to grow optimally without breaking.

How long does BIAB last?

A BIAB manicure will last for 3-4 weeks before needing to be re-done or infilled with proper care and maintenance.

Although after around 3 weeks, a gap will begin to form near the cuticle due to nail growth, we recommend a wear time of 2-3 weeks to keep your manicure in tip-top condition.

How should I care for my BIAB manicure?

Here are a few tips from our nail technicians to keep your natural nails healthy and ensure your new BIAB manicure lasts for long as possible:

1.  Apply cuticle oil to your nail beds once per day – When your cuticles are exposed to excessive sun, cold, chlorine, salty or soapy water, they can become dry and chapped. Cuticle oil helps to moisturise your nails and cuticles, which will improve their overall health.

But that’s not all. Using cuticle oil with BIAB gel will help prolong the lifespan of your manicure. This is because cuticle oil keeps the gel hydrated, reducing the risk of your new manicure chipping or cracking. For a guide on how to properly apply cuticle oil, click here.

2.  During the first 24 hours after your BIAB Gel has been applied, avoid your nails coming into contact with excess heat. (Saunas, tanning beds, hot baths, and doing the washing up are all a big no-no.)

3.  Make sure to wear gloves when doing work with your hands, such as household cleaning and gardening.

4.  Avoid using your BIAB nails to pull open or pick at anything.

5.  Don’t use any products which contain solvent oils around your nails since they can cause damage to BIAB gel polish. Solvent oils can be found in certain sun tan creams and insect repellents.

6.  Avoid your nails coming into contact with alcohol-based products, including perfumes, hairsprays and hand sanitiser, which will all dry out your nails and lead to premature chipping.

7.  Do not file your nails unless it’s absolutely necessary. But if you must, make sure to file gently and always finish in a downward direction.

8.  Chlorine is your Gel manicure’s worst enemy. It’s ok to go for a swim, but make sure to always wash your hands with tap water when you get out of the pool.

9.  If any nail lifting occurs, do not pick or pull at it since that will cause damage to your natural nails. Give us a call if your BIAB Manicure is still within the 1-week guarantee, and we will book you in for a complimentary nail repair. If not, we also offer a nail repair service.

Where can I find a BIAB manicure near me?

It’s easy to find us! Our salon entrance is Market Place, No 28, W1W 8AW. Only a 7-minute walk from Soho and Regent Street and just over 10 minutes from Marylebone and Fitzrovia. If you’re travelling by train, get off at Oxford Circus train station, and you are only a 3-minute walk away from your new favourite nail salon!

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