Classic Pedicure

Classic Pedicure

If you don’t have too much time to spend on extensive pampering but still want to feel presentable and enjoy the look of your painted toenails, a Classic Pedicure is a perfect midpoint when choosing which appointment to book.

A Classic Pedicure Includes

Our Classic Pedicure begins with a gentle and relaxing foot soak, followed by nail and cuticle care. Your nail technician will shape your nails by trimming and buffing. The cuticle area is also taken care of with cuticle oil and trimmed to perfection. Following this, regular polish in your choice of colour is applied and finished with moisturising lotion. It is a fast and easy way to enhance your look and add some shine and colour to your life!

A no-fuss, quality treatment to maintain the health, appearance and cleanliness of your feet. With a Classic Pedicure, your chosen colour will last for around 1 week but can be easily removed at home whenever you feel like it, far easier than a Gel Pedicure.

A classic pedicure takes (1 hour) check out our price list here.

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