Luxury Manicure

Luxury Manicure

Go the extra mile with your manicure. Like a facial for your hands, our extensive Luxury Manicure treats your hands as well as your nails. What makes it different from our Classic Manicure? It follows the same nail maintenance and prep steps but with added pampering treatments to target the skin on your hands and make your mani look even more perfect.

A Luxury Manicure Includes


A Luxury Manicure begins with your nail technician prepping your nails: trimming, buffing and pushing back the cuticles to perfection. Now that your nails are ready, enjoy a thorough exfoliation of the skin, followed by a relaxing hand massage.

A base coat of your chosen polish will then be applied, finished with a top coat, and set to dry under an OPI-LED lamp.

Exfoliation refreshes the skin by removing dead skin cells. It leaves your hands looking smooth and bright as well as boosting radiance. A massage that follows is going to make you feel relaxed and at ease.

A luxury manicure takes (1 hour) check out our price list here.

Gel Nails Guarantee

At Paint Nails London, we aim to deliver a flawless nail treatment every time. If you experience any problems with your Luxury Gel Manicure within seven days of your appointment, we offer a complimentary nail repair service. Simply give us a call, and our technicians will happily return your nails to their former glory!

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