Soft Gel Nail Extensions

Soft gel nail extensions

Full Cover Tips, commonly known as Soft Gel Nail Extensions, are a relatively new and improved alternative to the classic gel extension. They have a durable protective layer which helps keep your natural nails healthy. Perfect for covering imperfections and brittle nails. Since the entire nail bed is covered, gel extensions have a large contact point which also adds to their durability.

Soft Gel Extensions can be shaped to your preference and sized to perfection (up to 1 inch). If you’re looking for more length then Acrylic Nail Extensions may be a better option.

How We Apply Soft Gel Extensions

Leave yourself at the hands of our experienced nail technicians, they will start by prepping your nails: trimming, buffing and pushing back your cuticles. Each nail will be assigned a perfectly matching gel tip! The tip is applied using soft gel and then cured to the nail with an OPI-LED light. Full cover nail tips can be covered with any choice of gel polish, pick yours and our nail magicians will make sure you leave the salon looking fabulous!

Soft Gel Extensions Guarantee

At Paint Nails, we aim to deliver a flawless nail treatment every time. If you experience any problems with your Nail Extensions within seven days of your appointment, we offer a complimentary nail repair service. Simply give us a call, and our nail magicians will happily return your nails to their former glory!

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