Classic Manicure

Not into long-term commitment when it comes to nails and love to switch up your nail game whenever you want to? The Paint Nails Classic Manicure is the perfect option.

A Classic Manicure is a simple, yet effective way of nail colour and care. Perfect for those that are in a rush or want to be able to switch up their styles more frequently. With a Classic Manicure, the colour will last for around 1 week but can be easily removed at home whenever you feel like it, far easier than a Gel Manicure. It’s a fast and easy way to enhance your look plus add some shine and colour to your life!

A Classic Manicure Includes

Your nail technician will shape, buff and trim your nails as needed. Then cuticle oil is applied and the cuticles are trimmed and taken care of. Followed by a base coat of your chosen colour and topcoat. Set to dry in our OPI-LED lamps and you’re ready to go!

A Classic manicure takes (45 minutes) check out our price list here.

If you’re looking for a foot treatment we also have a Classic Pedicure. Or even up your game with a Luxury Manicure!

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